Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TeddyVille Museum - Where Teddy Bear Comes Alive

This was not in our agenda to do list but when we heard about the availability of this attraction, I quickly include it in our itinery as my younger 7 months old son loves Teddy bear a lot.

The TeddyVille Museum was located underneath the Doubletree Hilton Hotel which is currently under renovation. It can be a little tricky in finding the place, as we saw most who reached there are getting a bit confuse with the direction, but it's not much of a problem. There are a few nice workers who can assist with the directions once you are inside.

The Museum was also conveniently located just 2km away from where we stayed at the Golden Sand, Batu Ferrighini for the weekends.

The TeddyVille Museum is an abode of Mini Penang, where miniature of bears were dressed in the cultural fashion of Penang and its local heritage and it tells so much history about what we need to know about Penang. They also provide a lovely and huggly moments for those who love teddy bears.

The tickets are sold right at the entrance at Rm30 per adult and kids under 3 goes in for free.

Once we bought the tickets, there is a giant bear right at the entrance where we can take a photo snap with it. You can also hug it all you want, just like what everyone did with it.

We started off by entering the history museum of the different Teddy Bear and how they were originated from the different countries they came from. It's intruing reading about these histories especially how they evolved and became so important after the World War.

The set up of the room was made such that you entered into different themes at a particular set up.

Like the one below,  we entered into a racial harmony theme where it promotes the Chinese,  Malays and Indians and how they celebrated their big events.

Penang is famous for a few of their local food,  and we encounter a few next theme relating to Food!!!  Char kwey tiao, chendol, lok lok,  durian....  Here we come!!

Next is my favorite beach theme which is part of the Batu Ferrighini that we stayed for two days.  More on it coming up later.

I'll let the rest of the photos do the talking :)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Maritime Suite @ Persiaran Kapal Singh [Airbnb Review]

Since we had our two children, it's becoming increasingly difficult to stay at the hotel when we travel out. Not only are there spaces constraint within the hotel rules and regulation (and that's because we usually tend to bring our helper when we travel too),  but we needed a place where it's styled like home.

Home means there are a sense of privacy and comfortability and where we can do most of the usual stuff such as cooking, laundring and couch watching tv. We embedded the lifestyle of a slow travel because we had two small children,  who needed nap and play time that goes by their book.

When we get to Penang,  this homestay was the perfect luxury for us. They are located at the Persiaran Kapal Singh which used to be the automotive car.

The place was beautiful when we entered and the loft provided a really nice breathing space because of the way it was structured.

It is a two bedroom and my younger son took the lower bedroom while the rest of us took the upper bedroom which we need to take the stairs.  My son loves it so much that he goes up and down the stairs on unlimited count despite our warning to him.

The upper room have two queen bed and a single mattress so it can sleep a comfortable 5 person while the lower room can sleep 2 more.

We were also glad that there were some board games to entertain the kids.

We also utilize a lot of the cooking utensils and microwave since we had to make food for the younger one.  We also spent a lot of time at home after each attraction to take small break in between.

There's also some eateries, starbucks and a 7-eleven store in the vicinity just right below which makes it convenient for us if we want to just get a quick fix.

We did try at the grilled fish stall on one of the night and it tastes...  Szechuan spicy! We had our fills for the night.

There's also a thai massage place nearby which I frequent on one of the afternoon.

Overall verdict: I think it was a great stay and a lovely one which we would relish and remember our moments there.  The self check in was swift and easy, and the place had all that we wanted a place to have. The best thing is it only costs at about SGD93 per night.  Well, perhaps not exactly cheap by Malaysian standard but relatively zuper decent for our big family of 6.

If you are interested, do check out the link as below (https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/9801466?guests=1&adults=1&s=39&user_id=125648845&ref_device_id=dac3e6eb6b1c2763)  or you can drop me a comment section and I will pm you.

If this is your first time using airbnb,  do sign up via the link below to get an immediate credit to your account.

Sign up for Airbnb and get $45 SGD off your first adventure. Here’s my invitation link: http://abnb.me/e/1vwMHFhNlG

Thanks for reading.

Penang Hill @ Batu Bendera [Penang] - Loving Nature At The Top

The Penang Hill is one that we were looking forward most to visit because of its rich heritage. It is located suburb of Air Item and is not too far away from where we stayed.

We took Grab from our place and it costs us only Rm14 for a 6 seater. The driver was very spontaneous, and he kept telling us some history of the hill as part of the preview. While talking to the driver,  we also found out that on top of the fare we paid,  he also received another Rm13 from the Grab company itself.  It is this sort of deals which makes it awesome for us consumers.

We arrived at the base camp because we heard rather horror stories about queueing. We arrived at about 9.30 am and the queue was short,  to our delight.  We proceed to buy the ticket foe the railway.  Do note that during weekends and public holiday,  the queue can get as bad as 2 hours.  They do sell express lane which costs double of ours.

There's a few heritage stories about how the old railway was built and the transition to the modern one.

The kids were excited to see the train railway.  It is an interesting one in the sense that it is a one funicular section which climbs the Penang Hill from the base of Air Itam.

The drive was about 10 minute one way and we managed to get the best seat by proceeding to the last of the train with full view of Penang and the railway when it took off.

The ride was rather fast so if you are afraid of height like my wife,  you may want to avoid the last section and sit in the middle. Both our kids love it very much though, it's a big sign they'd love the roller coaster as much as I am.

We reached the top at 712m high after about 10 minutes. The weather is rather cooling so we started doubling up our wear with another layer.

The view was beautiful and from the top we can see the Penang bridge,  Komtar and Kek Lok Si temple.

After we spend a bit of time camwhoring,  we walked a bit further and found some simple eateries and we settle down for some snacks like fried rice and chendol.

There's a section which couples can lock their keychain and put it there similar to the korean style :) we dont do these things anymore lah yah so we just took a shot before heading back down.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Jungle Book Event - School Holiday Activities @ United Square

We were a frequent visitor to United Square as it was the closest mall to our home and we were anticipating some activities during the school holiday period.

This school holiday, they've brought a jungle book event with a spectacularly fun and mesmerizing performance from the animals which brings the kid glued to the performance.

The show runs from the 25th Aug to 10th Sept and they had daily show mostly one in the afternoon and another in the late evening. You can refer to the timetable below.

We arrived about 20 minutes earlier and it proved to be the best timing. Soon the gates were open and we managed to get a front row seat to enjoy the performance.

We didn't have any expectations of what we were going to get but as soon as it starts, we were blown away by the fun performances. The jungle introduces the Tarzan, which incidentally were played by the same character as the last one we saw for Paw Patrol and me and my wife quickly recognized from his looks and voice, lol.

Hello, Tarzan!

Baloo the Bear, there you go ~


One of the song and dance performance
The show also then introduces the Tiger and Snake to the crowd before they began a party dance together in a seemingly fun manner.

The final event introduces some fantastic on the air gymnastic performances which brings awe to the public. We never really had that close encounter so it makes it the whole more exciting. Check out the video below.

Overall, a very nice performance which I think your kids will love too. While the school holiday is still ongoing, why not bring them to watch, it's free too!!!